Our testimonials are growing by the day, the universal theme that they all share is that they are feeling great in a fraction of the time and feeling amazed at how simple being healthy is!

Listen in on how Cassie transformed the health of her ENTIRE family & the harmony that is now in the household!

Listen in on how Cassie transformed the health of her ENTIRE family & the harmony that is now in the household!

Maria and Stella share their transformational experience and results with chiropractic at The Wellness Source.

Here is Alison who now has a life without pain and digestive issues!

Tina tells all about her fantastic experience with a wellness lifestyle, we’re so proud of you Tina!

Success Stories

For many years I have suffered with terrible stomach pain and headaches. On the worst days sometimes even getting out of bed is miserable. The stomach pain can be constant and uncomfortable with no real indication of what sets it off. For my headaches, I would regularly take over the counter medicines to get through the day. I have tried many different prescriptions and over the counter meds with no real, lasting improvement. I have tried altering my diet, exercise and never really noticed significant changes. This has affected me in many ways. Often I feel so terrible I will not make plans or cancel the ones I do have just to rest and avoid anything that would/could trigger the upset. I’ve missed days at work and have been less productive because of it.

After receiving treatment at The Wellness Source, I have had significantly less stomach pain and issues. My headaches are no longer a daily battle. Chiropractic has opened my eyes to a new way of “medicine” and healing. Dr. Nick has been absolutely instrumental to my healing and improvements. He always takes the time to really listen to you and will always help address any concerns, health related or not, to make sure you leave his office not only feeling physically better but mentally as well. Thanks!!!  Michelle R.

As a marathon runner, I have very tight IT bands and hamstrings which bother me after a long runs. I also have sporadic isolated tender points on my left hip that get aggravated with running as well. I have tried stretching, massage therapy and trigger points treatment in the past. After receiving treatment, my running has improved. I was able to run the recent Hot Chocolate race continuously without any walking breaks for the first time, my IT bonds/hamstrings are looser and there are no issues with my hip. Dr. Nick is very professional, personable and really cares about me. I always look forward to coming in for my appointment. The clinic has a positive energy that always an amazing way to end my day. Ricardo S.

My head and legs would fall asleep after a short time sitting with my lower back hurting bad. It happened slowly and, I put up with it for over a year. The pain and inconvenience of live got to be too much. This condition was really affecting me because I wasn’t able to drive far without being uncomfortable. I had a hard time just getting in and out of bed and while doing any type of exercises. I’ve had great results since I started at The Wellness Source. My neck is back to normal. I can move all over. My legs never go numb after driving and minimal lower back pain. Its great!! The Wellness Source has been a wonderful place to come to. They are very caring, thorough and helpful in so many ways. They have gotten better and grown themselves in various ways to help our lives.  Michelle W.

The pain began in June 2014. At it worst, I had a constant, growing pain in my ribcage (front and back) and pressure in my upper abdomen, under my ribs. Standing was uncomfortable. I was unable to sit upright and movement made it worse. After multiple medical test ruled out a medical condition, my physician tried different medications without significant results. I had a difficulty sleeping and avoided social outings. I wasn’t able to work in my yard and garden, which is something I enjoy.

Since coming to The Wellness Source, the results have been dramatic! Within 2-3 weeks, the pain in my ribcage/abdomen had decreased noticeably and I was able to sit upright without pain. The progress continues. Dr Nick and his team provide a welcoming and calming environment and, Dr. Nick’s treatment was right on target. He also offers advice/insight on healthy eating lifestyle.  Lynn G.

The pain in my neck was a gradual condition from sitting at a desk for over 10 years. It felt extremely tight all the time. To reduce the pain, I used heating pads, self massage, occasional full body massage and the use of ibuprofen. The relief was temporary. Since I started coming to The Wellness Source, my range of motion and the curvature of my neck have improved and, the tightness in my neck and shoulders has been reduced. Dr. Nick is likable, helpful and listens intently to my concerns. I have learned a lot of information on a variety of health and wellness related topics from his expertise. I particularly like how he is continually mixing things up in an attempt to better serve his patients. The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting.  Cameron R.

I suffered from headaches, neck pain and pain between the shoulder blades which resulted from my bilateral mastectomy surgery. I could not sleep due to the pain and delt with this discomfort for 2-3 years. I tried many things in the past to ger rid of this condition: Over the counter pain medications, massages, hot showers, even purchases special pillows. I would feel good for a few days then back to the discomfort. I had restless and sleepless nights, difficulty sitting at the computer at work. I felt like someone was always sitting on my shoulders. This made me feel very tired and unrested.

I met Dr Nick at the DesPlaines Summer Fest. He gave me a sample massage and I was sold! I can’t explain in words how been treated at The Wellness Source has changed me! I sleep well, I have motion in my neck and shoulder area. I can turn my head side to side, and mostly no headaches! They have very friendly staff. You always feel welcomed when you walk in. I love the calm atmosphere. It’s like a big family! Dr. Nick is very gentle but gets results. He’s always about making you feel better and comfortable before you leave the office.  Maria